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We are pleased that you would like to register for the BAVARIA TOUR 2021.
This is very easy via our online entry portal.

Before you start, please read the following information about the tour and familiarize yourself with the use of the portal.
You will find further details on our homepage.

This website is designed to be used on a PC.
The use of tablets etc. may lead to limitations in display and/or functionality.

If you click on "refresh" in your browser during input, data already entered will be lost. It is however possible to switch between the different pages at any time.
  1. The tour (September 8th to September 12th 2020)

    The first trip leaves on Thursday, September 9th 2021, between 8:00 and 9:00 in Oberammergau.
    We recommend arriving on Wednesday, September 8th for check-in. You will then have the opportunity for a relaxed check-in and can go to your hotel in peace.

    You can find a more detailed schedule on our homepage.

    During the online registration your entry fee and order details will be updated continuously.

    The entry fee amounts to:

    Member *
    BMW 02 Club e.V. Official BMW Club ** No club
    Driver, or participant without vehicle €300.00 €330.00 €360.00
    Passenger (13 years and over) €245.00 €260.00 €280.00
    Child 0-12 years with own seat in "Ammergauer Haus" €75.00 €80.00 €90.00
    Child 0-4 years without own seat in "Ammergauer Haus" €0.00 €0.00 €0.00

    * The BMW 02 Club e.V. grants its members participating in the tour a subsidy of 30.00 € for the driver and 15.00 € for co-drivers. This allowance applies to members of the BMW 02 Club e.V. who were already members in at least the previous month before registration. It is not valid for other BMW 02 Clubs, e.g. in Austria or the Netherlands.
    The driver's membership alone is not sufficient for discounting entry for the whole team. All co-drivers must also be members. (Exception for children under 18 years: in this case the membership of the driver is valid).
    ** a list of the corresponding clubs can be found in the entry portal under the tab "Participant"
  2. The registration portal

    Please have the following information to hand, as without this it is not possible to complete registration:

    • Personal data of all participants, including dates of birth
    • Data regarding memberships in official BMW clubs, including membership numbers
    • Vehicle data, ideally including vehicle identity number and year of manufacture
    • Picture of your vehicle - it will be published in the program (jpg, tiff, bmp, png accepted; landscape preferred)
    • Arrival and departure dates; accommodation preferences (if you want us book your hotel and pay your visitor's tax)
    • If you would like to go on the day trips with friends and be seated together in "Ammergauer Haus", please agree on a "team name", which all members will have to use. The team name cannot be longer than 15 characters and must not contain blanks.
    • We will need one valid email address per registration

    The various tabs take you to pages with input fields. Fields with red asterisks must be filled in, as we need this information for organisational purposes. All data transmitted via the Internet will be encrypted, treated confidentially and will only be used for the organisation of the BAVARIA TOUR.

    Please start with the tab "Participant" - here, you have to fill in your personal data:
    • We need your date of birth due to possible event age restrictions
    • The club membership information is important for the calculation of the registration fee

    Under the tab "Vehicle" you can describe your CAR OF A NEW CLASS:
    • At the top you will find a list of all vehicles that can participate in the BAVARIA TOUR 2021
    • In the "Specials" field you can tell us important characteristics about your car, e.g. Alpina, Taxi, Prototype etc.
    • By "original colour" we mean the originally BMW colour of your car at time of manufacture
    • The picture file you can upload for the program can be a maximum of 10 MB and must be in one of following formats: jpg, tiff, bmp, png (ideally in landscape format)

    Under the "Options/Memorabilia" tab you can put together your individual program ("Our Friday options"):
    There you can choose from five options, some of which are subject to additional charges:
    1. A day in Oberammergau and arround (€0.00) Number of participants not limited
    2. Visit to BMW Classic - from 14 years, no dogs (€0.00) Number of participants is limited
    3. A hike through the Partnachklamm (€20.00) Number of participants not limited
    4. Visit of the Royal castles.No dogs (€60.00) Number of participants is limited
    5. Raft trip on the Isar river - from 8 years, no dogs (€100.00) Number of participants is limited

    Please always fill in three options, even if they are not limited in terms of participants. You might have to scroll down depending on the size of your screen

    Also under the "Options/Memorabilia" tab, you can define additional articles ("Memorabilia"):
    • The basic set included in the registration fee is already selected. Please choose here the size and fit of your T-shirts
    • The defined articles are then paid and handed over at check-in.
    • Some memorabilia items are only available in limited quantities
    • Only a limited number of additional tour items will be produced

    Using the "Food" tab you can choose your meals for the day trips and evenings:
    • We will include your choice in your personal tour documents, just in case you don't remember in September 2021!
    • For young children there will be special children's menus available during the tour
    • Menus are subject to change

    The last tab deals with your "Accommodation":
    This option is no longer available

    When you have finished your registration, please click on the "Finish" tab:
    • You will see a "Summary" with all relevant data
    • If have entered a team name, you will see if you just started a new team or if you joined an already existing team
    • Missing or faulty input will be described by error messages
    • Please correct your input until there are no error messages left, only then will you be able to submit your registration
    • Please confirm that you accept the terms and conditions of participating by ticking the respective box
    • When the above is complete the "Send" button will appear at the top right, next to the tabs. By clicking this button your registration will be sent off - this is binding
    • You will immediately receive a short confirmation email; detailed confirmation of your registration will follow within 20 days

    If you have any questions regarding the registration or the tour, please do not hesitate to contact us using the following:
    Phone: +49-2053-2222 (10:00 -20:00 CET)
    Fax: +49-2053-922223 (24h) Non-binding information can also be found on: Facebook:
We look forward to seeing you at the fifth BAVARIA TOUR.

Your Organisation team

Organizer: BMW 02 Club e.V.

The organizer's "About / Privacy" (disclaimer can be seen on the about page).
Our personal data

I will participate with my car, but I am looking for a passenger
I would like to participate without own car and am looking for a driver

I will bring a dog. Potential additional accommodation costs will have to be paid directly by the participant.
No Yes

I will participate with my own car, in my team are the driver and passengers
I prefer for communication with the organisation team
First name:
Last name:
Date of birth:
Seat in "Ammergauer Haus" Yes
male female
Street/House number:
Post code:
Email address:
(repeat email address)

Mobile phone:
BMW Club membership:
Participation in previous BAVARIA TOURS: 2002 2006 2011 2016
Registration fee:

I would like to form a team with friends by going on the same day trips and being seated close to one another in "Ammergauer Haus".
We agreed on the following team name:

(This team name has to be exactly the same for all members of the team.)
The data of our CAR OF A NEW CLASS

02 Limo02 Touring02 Cabrios4-Cyl. Coupé4-Cyl. 4-door6-Cyl.
Year of manufacture: This is my picture for the program:


Please choose a picture in one of the following formats: jpg, tiff, bmp, png
I will come on my own wheels


I would like to get my vehicle transported from
Hanover Velbert Cologne
Insured transport with a car transporter (there and back).
Costs around €400,00 ±20%.
The exact price for 2021 is not yet known.
Vehicle identity number:
Number plate:
Condition: Very good Good Average
Colour: Original colour ? Yes No
Our accommodation preferences

This option is no longer available
Accommodation on a campsite
For campsites we cannot provide exact information at the moment, we will get in touch with you after you have registered and discuss an individual solution.
Car + tent(please come back to me)
Car + caravan or campervan(please come back to me)
Accommodation in a holiday flat or holiday house
For holiday flats or houses we cannot give exact information at the moment, we will get in touch with you after you have registered and discuss an individual solution.
Minimum number of bedrooms:
Accommodation in an inn, guesthouse or hotel
Prices are per night, per person, including breakfast
double room
Price group 1€45.00 ±20%
Price group 2€60.00 ±20%
Price group 3€85.00 ±20%
Price group 4€125.00 ±20%
If the preferred price group is not available, I would like to choose a price group:

single room
Price group 1€55.00 ±20%
Price group 2€75.00 ±20%
Price group 3€105.00 ±20%
Price group 4€150.00 ±20%
If the preferred price group is not available, I would like to choose a price group:

Suite/family room
Price group 1(please come back to me)
Price group 2(please come back to me)
Price group 3(please come back to me)
Price group 4(please come back to me)
If the preferred price group is not available, I would like to choose a price group:
Date of arrival: 4 Nights (adjust dates if necessary)
Date of departure:
Our friday options

As is traditional on the BAVARIA TOUR, we have also planned a visit to BMW Classic for Friday. We will try to book you at "your" first choice. If your preferred tour is already fully booked, we will reserve the second or third choice for you.
For organisational reasons, please choose three options, regardless of whether some of them have an unlimited number of participants.
You will spend an individual day with many possibilities in Oberammergau. You meet for lunch in the Ammergauer Haus.
By car we will drive to Munich, where a visit to BMW Classic is planned for those who did not have the opportunity to do so on the last tours or just can't get enough of it.
By car we will drive to Munich, where a visit to BMW Museum is planned for those who did not have the opportunity to do so on the last tours or just can't get enough of it.
With your own car you drive to Garmisch Partenkirchen, park there at the Olympic Stadium and set off on a hike through the Partnachklamm and go for lunch at an alpine inn. Then you go back to your car by cable car. Here you may bring your dog with you.
You go by bus to the royal castles Hohenschwangau and Linderhof with pre-booked tours and back to Oberammergau. Lunch will be served at the BMW Hotel Ammerwald.
By bus we go to Wolfratshausen to experience a proper raft trip on the Isar river with lunch stop. The bus will then pick you up again in Munich Thalkirchen.
First choice:
Second choice:
Third choice:

Our memorabilia

You can order as many tour shirts for driver and co-driver as you like. Please decide here about form and size.
The "Kid" T-shirt will be about size 134/140.
You can also order various memorabilia items, which will be ready for you at check-in. Some of these are articles from previous tours especially for "first-time offenders" - stock is limited.

Basic Additional
Rallye plate with starting number(€15.00)1
Small sticker with starting number(€2.00)1
Tour cap(€15.00)1
Tool bag(€30.00)1
T-shirt unisex blue(€15.00)KidSMLXLXXLXXXL
T-shirt fitted ♀ blue(€15.00)SML
Tour poloshirt unisex blue(€35.00)KidSMLXLXXLXXXL
Tour poloshirt fitted ♀ blue(€35.00)SML
Perpetual calendar 2003 edition(€10.00)
Perpetual calendar 2007 edition(€10.00)
Perpetual calendar 2017 edition(€10.00)
Our food preferences

This is the menu for the BAVARIA TOUR 2021 and, as in previous years, we ask you to put together "your" own menu now. We reserve the right to make changes. Since we are doing different routes on Thursday and Saturday, we also need your food order for both days. Furthermore, some options for Friday also offer you the choice between several dishes.
For organisational reasons, please choose one dish for each option, regardless of whether you are participating in this option.
Roast venison with red cabbage and spaetzle
Schnitzel Viennese style with cranberries and potato salad
Enger Kasspatzen with fried onions and salad
Steirischer Backhendlsalat gemischte Salate mit Joghurt-Dressing  dazu gebackene Hühnerbruststreifen in Kürbiskernpanade mit Kernöl und Sauce Tartar
Saftiger Schweinebraten an Kümmelglace serviert mit Semmelknödel und Sauerkraut
Tiroler Tris Käseknödel, Spinatknödel und Schlutzkrapfen dazu braune Butter, frischer Parmesan & Rucola
Filled roulade of Werdenfelser beef with mashed potatoes and red cabbage
Pan-fried pike-perch fillet (with skin) on a fine champagne sauce with chateaux potatoes and kohlrabi ragout
Breaded Schnitzel with a warm potato and cucumber salad
Pork tenderloin in a bacon-wild garlic crust with potato and asparagus ragout
Werdenfelser beer goulash with Spätzle (fine dumplings) and summer vegetables
Grilled Loup de Mer (Seabass) with Thai curry vegetables and potatoes
Soup: Beef broth with strips of pancake
Main course: Roast beef with Bernaise sauce and gratinated potatoes
Dessert: Warm chocolate cake with chili threads and orange confit
Soup: Beef broth with strips of pancake
Main course: Suprème of corn-fed poulard on peperonata (sauteed peppers) with rosemary potatoes and a thyme dressing
Dessert: Warm chocolate cake with chili threads and orange confit
Soup: Beef broth with strips of pancake
Main course: Grilled fjord salmon slices with julienne vegetables and basmati rice and a light lobster sauce
Dessert: Warm chocolate cake with chili threads and orange confit
Attend to the fare-well breakfast
Do not attend to the fare-well breakfast
Allgäuer cheese Spätzle (fine dumplings) with onions
Creamy porcini mushroom risotto with cherry tomatoes, wild herb salad and balsamic vinegar
Soup: Beef broth with strips of pancake
Main course: Spinach dumplings fried in beurre noisette on melted tomatoes with parmesan slices
Dessert: Warm chocolate cake with chili threads and orange confit
Kaiserschmarrn mit Zwetschkenröster & Apfelmus
Große Terrine Hirschgulaschsuppe, herzhaft pikant, mit gebratenen Schwammerln und Roggen Wurzelbrot
Hausgemachter karamellisierter Kaiserschmarrn mit Mandeln, Rumrosinen und eingewecktem Apfelkompott
Handgeschabte „almerische“ Kasspatz`n mit Gouda und Bergkäse, Röstzwiebeln und einem grünen Blattalat
Rustikales Buffet
"different noodle dishes" in the Ammergauer Haus
„Wilderernudeln“ mit feiner Soße Bolognese vom Hirsch, gekocht mit frischen Tomaten und Kräutern, dazu Parmesan   
Lunch at BMW Classsic
Vegetarian lunch at BMW Classsic
No meal
No meal
No meal
No meal
No meal
No meal
No meal
No meal
No meal
Lunch on tour - eastern route
Lunch on tour - western route
Thursday dinner
Friday dinner
Saturday dinner
Sunday fare-well breakfast
Friday lunch Partnachklamm
Friday lunch royal castles
Friday lunch in Oberammergau
Freitag lunch at BMW
In the following you will find a summary of relevant data and choices. Please take a moment to check them carefully and confirm their correctness at the bottom of the page. We also ask you to confirm that you read and accepted the terms and conditions of participation.

Terms and conditions of participation
Conditions of participation BAVARIA TOUR 2021
Oberammergau 08 - 12 September 2021

  1. Organiser of the BAVARIA TOUR 2021 is the non-profit association, BMW 02 Club e.V., Hardtbacher Höhe 33, D 42399 Wuppertal. A team of volunteer club members (organisation team) is responsible for the on-site handling.
  2. The BAVARIA TOUR 2021 is a touristic classic car event. Only the following are admitted to participate
    BMW - THE CARS OF THE NEW CLASS, these are
    BMW 1500 - 2000 tii
    BMW 2000 C, CA, CS
    BMW 1600 GT
    BMW 1502 - 2002 incl. ti, tii, turbo, touring, targa, convertible
    BMW 2500 - 3.3 Li
    BMW 2500 CS - 3.0 CSL
    as well as, if necessary, special vehicles with appropriate BMW technology.
  3. Start and finish is Oberammergau. The participants will follow with their own BMW classic cars, true to the BMW motto "sheer driving pleasure", on a self-chosen route on public roads through scenic areas to get to know the beauty of nature and sights. At pre-planned places in Germany and Austria, which are made known by a non-binding route recommendation of the organizer, one can meet for social purposes. In particular, the BAVARIA TOUR 2021 does not serve to achieve a maximum speed or best times. An evaluation can, but does not have to take place. During the entire event, the regulations of the road traffic regulations must be observed at all times. The organizer reserves the right to exclude participants from further participation if they violate the rules of the event or the road traffic regulations. Objections against the recommended route are not permitted. As an alternative to the rides, the participants can also decide to take part in other tourist attractions.
  4. The drivers have to be in possession of a valid driving licence for the vehicle named or driven by them.
  5. The participants are responsible for ensuring that the participating vehicle is properly registered for road traffic (D and A). They have the obligation to prove this to the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to check the correctness of the registration in individual cases and to exclude vehicles with regard to which the proof cannot be provided from further participation.
  6. participants, drivers, co-drivers, owners and operators of motor vehicles take part in the event at their own risk. They bear the sole responsibility under civil and criminal law for all damage caused by them or the vehicle used by them, unless an exclusion of liability has been effectively agreed.
  7. Registrations must be made online via the portal opened by the organizer. The organizer can reject entries (registrations) without giving reasons. The participants are not allowed to exchange named vehicles for another vehicle without the organiser's consent.
  8. Participants are not permitted to use the event for their own or commercial purposes or those of third parties without the prior consent of the BMW 02 Club e.V. In the event of infringements before or during the event, the participant will be excluded from the event immediately.
  9. The Organiser shall have the householder's rights at all locations of the event and shall commission the organisation team to enforce these rights. The instructions of the organisation team and the personnel employed by it are to be followed. The legal recourse against decisions of the organiser within the scope of the implementation of BAVARIA TOUR 2021 is excluded.
  10. No claims for compensation of any kind can be derived from measures taken by the organiser, the organisation team, their board members, organs, authorised representatives, vicarious agents and assistants, except for damages to life, body or health, which are based on an intentional or negligent breach of duty - also of a legal representative or a vicarious agent of the final liable group of persons.
  11. if the driver is not the owner of the vehicle mentioned, the participant must ensure that the owner of the vehicle submits the waiver of liability in accordance with the above clause 5. In the event that, contrary to this obligation, the declaration of the vehicle owner has not been submitted, the respective participant shall bear all civil and criminal consequences that could result from the absence of this declaration and shall be obliged to release the organizer, the organization team, their authorized representatives and vicarious agents from liability towards the vehicle owner.
  12. The organizer has the right to change the program to a reasonable extent, without any claim for reimbursement or reduction of the entry fee.
  13. The organizer offers the BAVARIA TOUR, which is only held occasionally, at an estimated cost price. In case of cancellation, abandonment or reduction of the event due to circumstances beyond the control of the organizer, force majeure or official orders, the entry fee will only be refunded if and to the extent that the costs have not yet been incurred by the organizer. The organizer is entitled (but not obligated) to a lump-sum refund in such a way that the saved costs are proportionally apportioned to the number of participants and refunded.
  14. The entry fee is a penalty and will not be refunded if the participant fails to participate for reasons within the participant's sphere of influence.
  15. the participant generally takes care of his own accommodation during the tour in Oberammergau. This can also be done by a service of TAG* (in cooperation with Ammergauer Alpen GmbH) via the entry portal. In this case, TAG concludes the contracts in the name and on account of the participant, in this respect the participant authorizes TAG to conclude the contract. Accommodation costs and the associated payment on account are to be paid by the participant together with the entry fee. However, they are not part of the entry fee. Any cancellation costs incurred by an accommodation provider in the event of no-show are therefore to be borne by the participant.
  16. The legal relationship of the participant to the organizer and to TAG due to and in connection with the participation in the BAVARIA TOUR 2021 is subject to German substantive law.
* team andexer gmbh, Auf den Pöthen 35, 42553 Velbert
I read and accept the terms and conditions of participation
I have checked my participant data and confirm that it is correct